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Delivery of treatment is only a very small part of the larger journey of caring for our patients. We work with an open approach, with the ability to share care between practitioners and involve others in the wider care journey.


Initial Contact

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Case history

Case History

We spend some time talking with you about what brings you to see us. Questions about your general health and lifestyle help us gain greater understanding of your presentation so that we can ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment from us. Through this process, we aim to help you understand how your presentation, your broader health and the way you use your body are all connected.




This is where we look at how you move and how your body functions, how it has been accommodating your problem, and what needs to change to get back to optimal function.




We may refer you to other health specialists for tests or imaging if we think that they will help us better understand you problems or improve the efficacy of treatment.



Bespoke Treatment Plan

Once we have the necessary information we will create a treatment plan based around your goals and our understanding of what your body needs to recover and regain resilience. Your treatment plan will be aimed at facilitating the healing process through a range of approaches that might include nutritional advice, manual techniques, rehab exercises, pain management, Shock Wave Therapy or referral to an associated practitioner for further input.




We’ll help you to learn new tools and strategies to help you not only recover but better manage your problems in the long term. Health is not a destination, it’s ongoing.



Long-Term Management

With some conditions a short course of treatment is all that is needed. However, with more complex, chronic or recurrent conditions, or ones that are associated with degenerative change, we may recommend intermittent ongoing management. This might require an intermittent evaluation and treatment to help you maintain optimal function. Your practitioner will talk to you about this and help you work out what is the most appropriate management plan for you.



Support & Advice

We are always here to help you on your health journey, from advice on how your management is going to a simple answer to a question. We are only a phone call away.

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