Osteopath Jonathan Lloyd Paine

Jonathan Lloyd Paine

Registered Osteopath

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I trained as an osteopath in the UK, graduating from the British School of Osteopathy (now the University College of Osteopathy) in 1989. I worked in the UK for 14 years, both as an associate and later in partnership with a local GP, running a successful multi-disciplinary sports injury clinic. In 2003, looking for a different lifestyle for my family, I moved to New Zealand and chose to settle in beautiful Whanganui.  

Since then, I’ve completed a number of post-graduate courses and have continued to reflect and build on my own clinical practice. Learning never stops and the excitement of discovering more about the complex workings of the human body and mind continues to fuel my passion for what I do. As such, I’ve taken on other roles over the years that have broadened my perspective of healthcare delivery, including being a founding member of Osteopaths New Zealand (ONZ), Vice president of the International Society for Osteopathic Practice (ISOP) and President of ONZ. For two years I worked part time as a Clinical Advisor to ACC, I’ve been on a number of advisory boards relating to osteopathic practice, have been involved in the examination of final year osteopathy students and am currently a preceptor, providing support and guidance to overseas osteopaths coming to NZ.  

In clinical practice, my particular area of interest is in the management of chronic pain and the impact this can have on day to day function. It’s a condition that can potentially affect anyone; from the young student, to the elite athlete, to the retiree. I’ve met clients from all walks of life and all backgrounds over the years, working with them to achieve better function and to improve their perception and understanding of pain. Every day brings new insights into the management of this chronic condition and I consider myself privileged to be in a role where I have the opportunity to help make a difference.  

To further help manage chronic pain I have added Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to my skillset. NLP alongside clinical hypnotherapy and tools from the ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) tool box, helps guide patients to explore their relationship with pain, how they might reframe and improve the management of their pain experience. With chronic pain it is an essential and research supported part of the management.  

And as a keen mountain biker and snowboarder in my spare time, I’m also well aware of the importance of staying fit and active; and of properly managing and rehabilitating the more acute injuries and niggles that can occasionally occur, so you can keep doing what you love.  

I’ve spent my time in Whanganui building relationships with other healthcare providers in the region (surgeons, physiotherapists, OTs, GP’s, rehab teams, acupuncturists and the team at the local ACC Branch) so that I can help you decide on the best and most appropriate care for your condition. Ultimately, my aim is to ensure your health and wellbeing remains central to all that we do at Whanganui Osteopathy.

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